Guidance for applicants

The Objects for which St. Edmunds Trust is established are to relieve sickness for the public benefit by making grants to organisations in West Suffolk providing treatment, care or support to sick or disabled persons.

Our approach to funding

St Edmunds Trust will fund capital costs and some ‘one off’ costs related to our objects. It does not fund salaries and core costs of an organisation. Click on Projects Funded for examples of organisations the Trust has funded.

Who can apply to St Edmunds Trust

You can apply to St Edmunds Trust if your organisation is a Registered Charity, Registered Charity and Company Limited by guarantee, Community Interest Company (CIC) or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), and that your organisation is operating or providing services in West Suffolk. St Edmunds Trust defines West Suffolk as the areas of West Suffolk Council and Sudbury.

Guidance and funding restrictions

Eligibility criteria – The applicant must:

  • be an organisation as described above and not an individual, public body or political party;
  • have a bank account in the name of the organisation and with at least two unrelated signatories
  • report to St Edmunds Trust on the subsequent use of the funding and its impact

Application guidance – Throughout the application the applicant should provide evidence as to how the funding will help to improve the health outcomes for residents in West Suffolk. Funding restrictions Grants are awarded on the understanding that funding:

  • is for future projects (no retrospective applications);
  • is not solely for research and analysis;
  • is only for work that will benefit those who live in West Suffolk and Sudbury;
  • is not for promoting a religious or non-religious belief or philosophy or party-political view;
  • should not be used to pay the running costs of an organisation, except where an initial injection of funding is needed to help attract further support;
  • will generally be for a period of one year

Applying for a grant from St Edmunds Trust

Apply by completing our online form on the apply online page. The governors of St Edmunds Trust meet four times a year in March, June, September and December. Applicants should submit their grant application form and additional information at least six weeks prior to a meeting i.e. by the end of January for March meeting, end of April for June meeting, end of July for September meeting and end of October for December meeting.