Grant Applications

Please complete the initial eligibility questionnaire. After successfully completing the questionnaire, you will prompted to download instructions on the next steps of the application process.

The governors of St Edmunds Trust meet four times a year in March, June, September and December. Applicants should submit their grant application form and additional information at least six weeks prior to a meeting i.e. by the end of January for March meeting, end of April for June meeting, end of July for September meeting and end of October for December meeting.


Eligibility Questionnaire

Your Information

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Are you a constituted not-for-profit organisation?

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Are you related to a public body, such as local government, school etc., or political body directly or indirectly, such as a think tank or for campaigning on a cause?

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Do you have a bank account in the organisational name and with at least 2 signatories who are unrelated?

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Are you connected to a St. Edmunds Trustee, whether as a relative, in a voluntary capacity and or friendship?

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Is the funding for a future project?

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Will the project benefit residents in West Suffolk?

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Is the project for research and or analysis activity?

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Will the grant be mainly used for general overheads and running costs?

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Are you looking to spend the funding within 12months?