WASG Sailability – Making a Splash

A recent £7000 grant from the Trust has been awarded to a charity that introduces the freedom and excitement of sailing to those with physical, mental or sensory disabilities.

WASH Sailability based at Lackford Lakes has a small fleet of nine accessible dinghies, three one-person and now six two person boats designed for disabled sailors to operate. The St Edmunds Trust award has provided the new two-person Hansa 303, which means more clients can experience the joy of being out on the water.

A record 275 sailing sessions were delivered by mid-July this year, with the organisation steadily increasing the number of clients, and extending the range of disabilities accommodated. The organisers say they were particularly gratified recently when a blind teenager took to the water accompanied by his father who was trained by volunteers to be by his side.

The photograph is of amputee and long-term client Chris, sailing the boat funded by the Trust. WASH Sailability